"JAPAN" this word always ringing in my mind

When my friend asked me " which country you want visit firstly?". Directly I answer "JAPAN !!!". Nippon will be my number one choice forever. I adore every ascpect about this country.

 Now, I will deliver you why I love japan rather than others

1. Their street  fashion style
Japanese fashion break the ice! They breaking the rigidity of fashion industry, when the classic-fashion-capital always held an "ordinary" event, japanese fashion style spread to worldwide. Their catwalk is harajuku street, tokyo.

There's bunch japanese movie in my computer in their own folder. Im my thought, japanese movie quite different with hollywood. The theme and the plot is out of the box, sometimes cheesy but mostly classy handled

                                             one of the best movie

4. work ethic

Japanese peoples are really typicall workaholic, kind of robotic employe, even they work in weekend! They often leave his family. There's kind of anecdot to japanese employe, they usually been called "salary man"

Please underlined my conclusion : My writting doesn't mean I too worshiping Japanese, they have negative side instead! Like pornographic industry which really famous. I'm very proud to be Indonesian, my land-mother, my birthplace, and my blood.....

Arigatou Minnasan......


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